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Bedroom Lighting

Whatever the size of your bedroom it is your sanctuary and there is no better way to create a lovely ambience than with the clever use of lighting. Our bedrooms now are used for far more than simply sleeping so lighting need to be adaptable to a variety of uses.

At Lighting Magic we have a huge range of lighting for the bedroom from decorative wall lights, floor standing lamps and ceiling lighting fixtures. Once you have made a list of what you want to do in your bedroom then you can decide on the best method for lighting. It might be that your bedroom is a multi-functional space and you work, read and slumber therein. If so you will need a different light level for each of these activities. If you use a PC or laptop on the bedroom then you could opt for directional lighting in the form of spotlights or task lighting. For areas where you relax you will need a softer approach and may opt for dimmable down lights or wall lights. To add a touch of glamour bed side lamps are available in lush fabrics.

Fairy lights can be fun and be used around the bed or to make a feature of a wall or picture. Led strip lighting can be used behind shelving to create a backlit effect but also bring sparkle to the room as well as showing off any precious things you have on show.

LED furniture lighting inside or on top of your wardrobes or cabinets is a very useful way to help you organise your clothing and shoes and generally make your life easier. These are available in a range of finishes to match your bedroom décor.

Children’s bedrooms can be made lots of fun with colour changing LED night lights, available in various well known characters and designs that kids will love!

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