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Security Lighting

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There are several options for homeowners looking for security lighting to protect their homes. Proper outdoor lighting is the most practical and inexpensive method to prevent crime as well as provide an attractive ambiance. Poor outdoor lighting is risky and might prevent a higher level of security.

Taking advantage of multiple outdoor security lighting options can deliver safety, security and a great environment for any home. Criminals always stay away from areas that are well lit. Correcting any areas that have no lighting around the perimeter of a home is vital to eliminate any unwanted burglary or accidents.

Lighting Research Centre explains that,

Lighting for security or safety does not imply bright lighting. Effective security lighting allows building occupants to see the faces of visitors at the front door and provides sufficient illumination to deter potential criminals. Effective lighting should be an important part of any security strategy. It is is a valuable tool that can increase security and safety.

Here are some valuable tips for security lighting to safeguard and protect your home

  • Ensure that outdoor lights are installed and fixed in high and out of reach areas to prevent any intrusion with the lighting system.
  • Installing an automatic garage door opener that comes with a light that activates itself whenever the door opens is beneficial to prevent any type of confrontation in dark areas around the garage and driveway.
  • Keeping the front and rear entry as well as the sides of a house well lit is always a good idea as you can keep an eye on any outside movement or activity around the house.
  • Putting greater emphasis on the security lighting around the back of the house is important as a homeowner is the most vulnerable around this section of a house and a better and secure entry for any criminal to break in.
  • Low voltage lights with motion sensors are great for outdoor security lighting and can be easily installed by any homeowner themselves.
  • Vulnerable areas can be monitored with IR (infra-red) lights which can be set to sound an alarm in the case of any intrusion.
  • Installing motion sensors or heat sensors on all the outdoor lights which isn’t left switched on is a great way to detect unwanted activity.
  • Multiple lights on medium power is better than fewer lights on high power as this reduces the glare and provides a more even lighting which produces fewer zones of shadow and also redundancy in case a light bulb blows out.
  • Installing multiple circuits for security lighting in several areas is a good idea in case one circuit blows out, there is the option of operating it with other live circuits.

According to the Metropolitan Police on security lighting,

Lighting up your home is a useful deterrent of burglary. A useful addition to perimeter security can be exterior security lighting, either switched manually or automatically operated. Lights can be useful on the approach to a front or rear door or garage, not only lighting up if someone approaches your house, but also if others approach.

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