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Lighting Design at Home

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Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.

Albert Hadley

Great lighting design defines a house and its interiors. Proper lighting design involves artificial as well as natural light which plays an important part in the overall feel and ambience of a house.

Natural Light

Natural light works best in south facing rooms as they stay warm and bright throughout the day. It is always recommended to have recreational areas in the house such as the living room and kitchen to face south when designing a house. West facing rooms tend to have sunlight during mid-day whilst those facing east will have brightness only in the morning. For North facing rooms natural light is often cold and harsh so it is important to have a blueprint of the house design to create a lighting scheme.

Lighting Scheme

A great lighting scheme is all about planning ahead and considering what a particular space in the house is to be used for. Finalising and deciding the purpose of a room makes it easy to sort out what type of lighting will work best.

Natasha Brinsmead, Associate content editor of Homebuilding and Renovating, explains that,

Getting it right is all about planning at the early stages of a project — not leaving it as an afterthought.

The blue print of each room helps identify where windows, doors, radiators, fireplace and other similar permanent fixtures are to be placed. Then the next thing is to consider in which direction an occupant will most likely be facing and be comfortable in, to carry out various activities, for example, desk work or watching television.

Lighting Tips

Living Room/Kitchen

This is the most used space in a household so having flexible lighting for every purpose is required. Many people are opting to have a combination of lights such as lamps, down lights, accent lights etc apart from the usual central pendant light which is the main source of light in most cases. Having a variety of lights help achieve the desired ambience and create the perfect environment for any occasion.


This room requires brightness throughout the day and mild and cosy lighting at night. Soft background lighting such as table or floor lamps work wonders for the room. For drawing attention to particular features in the room accent lighting and task lighting are ideal. Installing switch lighting system is great for bedrooms in order to control the lighting tone of the room.


Due to the different types of reflective surfaces in the bathroom it is probably the one room that responds well to all sorts of lighting. There are certain so called division of zones in a bathroom and care has to be taken to check what type of lighting can be installed in a given area. For example, water resistant lighting is required for areas above the shower.

Recessed downlights are great for background lighting whilst task lighting is great for areas around the mirror. Lighting on floors especially along the corners is great to add drama and mood in the room.

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