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Table Lamps

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Lamps are very versatile and can change the look and feel of a room very quickly and easily

They are ideal for any particular type of lighting such as brightening, adding depth, highlighting, creating a mood or for reading and studying. Lamps provide multiple sources of lighting and can completely change the space, ambience, mood and use of a room.

According to Decorated Life,

Table lamps and floor lamps add height to your furniture landscape. Become decorative furniture or accent pieces and create additional task lighting. They add ambiance in dining and living rooms and are flexible and moveable. They are perfect for smaller spaces like hallways and entries, small bedrooms and dining rooms.

Below is a guide on how to use Floor and Table Lamps.

Mixture of floor lamps and table lamps

Depending on the size of a room, decorate it with both floor lamps and table lamps. Every single piece looks different and the mixture creates a chic effect. The different single individual pieces add to the overall décor of a room.

According to Lucy Martin, author of ‘The Lighting Bible’

The key to brightening up your home is layering. Light that comes from the walls, floor and table tops creates a textured effect that opens out a room, splashing light across the walls.’ She adds that, ‘The ideal set-up is to have your lights on a five-amp circuit controlled by a master switch by the door. You will have to connect your table lamps to five-amp points, which means fitting them with five-amp plugs.

A cosy touch

Overhead lighting is a wonderful touch to a living area and lights up the whole room and acts as a distinct focal point without being the only lighting source. The use of floor lamps in rooms like this acts as a warm complement and maintains a pleasant and soft level of lighting.

According to Lucy Martin,

Having less lighting from the ceiling is a major trend at the moment. Use it, but use it sparingly. If you only have light coming from overhead, it closes down your room.

Play with colours

Rooms look more interesting and attractive when you play with colours. Using different coloured lampshades adds uniqueness to a room. For example, floor lamps can have a different colour to the table lamps keeping in mind a bit of coordination with things around the room such as cushions, pillows, carpets etc.

According to Freshome,

Individuality in rooms doesn’t have to be as dramatic as finding an entirely different colour, in fact choosing a coordinating palette of colours for the entire home at one time will help rooms flow together visually and won’t feel so jarring.

Choosing a table lamp

When choosing a table lamp, check whether the neck of the light bulb and the light bulb socket is visible from a standing or seating position. If it is then the lamp is probably too tall and won’t be pleasant because of the glare.

According to Abe Abbas, Furniture Expert,

Most lamps come with detachable shades that you can easily change. The size of the shade depends on how large your lamp is, and where you are placing it. Use a light coloured shade such as white or off-white if you need more light from your lamp, such as for reading. A darker or opaque shade limits the light output and is good when you want a more subtle effect.

Choosing a floor lamp

It all depends on what type of shape, design and size you prefer keeping in mind whether it will complement the room. They add class and sophistication to any kind of setting. They are best positioned in a corner especially the arcing floor lamps.

According to Decorated Life,

They not only add light to dull corners, they light a larger area than a table lamp and they can be moved around, while adding height and decorative interest. They even out room light and you need one less side or coffee table. Like any piece of furniture, they can be substantial and even imposing. Because of their size and varying styles, floor lamps is one of the most versatile and stylish looking lamps.

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